Murky Let His Enemies Despair! [BETA] by Sabma1989

Murky Let His Enemies Despair! [BETA]

By: Sabma1989
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2015
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Build: Murky - Split Pusher

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Murky Split Push Guide Top

The most efficient Push Build for murky to apply maximum pressure to the enemy team!

Pros & Cons Top


- Can pull really great impact to the team fight.
- Can split push and siege well (in the mid-late game).
- No Mana.


- Map&Team comp dependence.
- Having very low hp pool.
- So punishing low-skilled player/ do not know how to play murky player.

Need to know! Top

Here are the things you need to know

- Murky give 25% EXP of normally hero killing to enemy team when he die.
- His egg give 75% EXP of normally hero killing to enemy team when egg is destroyed.
- His egg aggro all minions and merc like other structure.
- If the egg is destroyed while you channeling the new one, you will cancel the channeling and the trait will immediately set in 20 seconds cooldown.
- his W (pufferfish) take like 0.5-0.7 second delay before the skill is go off.
- If you die,stun when start using March of the Murlocs, the cooldown will set in 10 seconds cooldown.
- You can use his E (Safety Bubble) can be used to clear all root/ slow effect from murky.
- Murky still drop coin (in blackheart bay) as usual when he die.
- Murky Q no longer affect the structure (slime debuff).
- Using E (Safety Bubble) do not reset the merc camp (merc still aggro), however, the lane minions will reset the aggro (they will run pass you).

Important Tips to Murky

- Always change the location of your egg often to adapt with the situation (between safe point in base and near the team fight zone.
- One of the best place to lay the egg is in the merc camp that just was taken as it's likely to have no one
go to get the merc.
- Try not to solo the lane to soak exp in early game as your die really fast, losing the lane exp while you respawn and run back to the lane.
- Try not to lay your egg sit next to the gate because the enemy team will see it as they use their skills to destroy your tower (many skills in this game provide a little vision (including your egg) behind the wall).
- Body blocking is one of the most important skill you need to have when play murky, use it a lot.
- Use your egg as a bait, yea I use this strategy a lot when my team run from enemy team (make sure you already safe) just lay an egg to bait them (can be use as body block in some narrow path), sometime miracle happen.
- If you want to go aggressive, lay the egg in the bush near the objective location is the good thing to do (like lay an egg in the far left side of the mine after clearing the skull in that side - in haunted mine)

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