Murky -- The Neverending Headache by Arathis

Murky -- The Neverending Headache

By: Arathis
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2015
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Build: Roamer

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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Tassadar Very little he can do against you.
Diablo In teamfights he'd be crazy to look at you, solo it's easy to bleed him mobility, no escape.
Azmodan Save bubble for when he beams and you can dodge everything else. You'll slow him down and teammates will finish.
Kael'thas Althoough he can burst you relatively quickly, all his damage abilities have time delays for you to bubble.
Jaina If you can draw out her skillshots and bubble through them she is doomed. Additionally, you want her attacking you instead of a more valuable team asset
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer A good hammer will burn the puffers and not give up siege, if you engage melee her aoe gets you anyway. A bad one will panic and run
Murky If you are fighting the other murky, you are both wasting your time
Nazeebo Bugs suck, but are more easily avoided than zagara's nasties. Beware of poison
Zagara Her minions are a real threat to you, and her creep negates your slow effect. Hunter killer murky's enemy
Falstad Lightning is a pain and his skillshot can't be blocked by minions and walls. Dash make for quick hits.
Raynor Auto heal makes ganks difficult, and range + attack speed is all he needs to zone you out and kill the puffers
Nova I do not advice this build if there's a nova on the other team, otherwise she'll make short work of you, often before you can bubble.
Tychus Murders pufferfish and has high chasing damage in lane.

Intro Top

Hello All,

I am Arathis and am a devoted murky player. I am currently rank 6 as of this writing, with an MMR of roughly 2750 in hero league according to hotslogs. In hero league murky is far and away my best character, so I thought I'd share some of the wet, squishy, fish love.

I may add alternative builds later, but this is the core grouping, and it only varies slightly depending on the enemy team composition. Details will come later.

Skills Top

Level 1: Bribe: I would actually say level 1 is the most important pick of the game for Murky, and it is hugely dependent on team composition and map. I pick bribe more often, but only just barely. Bribe can pay huge dividends on the bigger maps, especially Garden of Terror and Cursed Hollow. That said, taking bribe can leave you vulnerable to certain types of heroes. If I see Nova, Zeratul, Valla, Falstad, or Raynor on their team I will frequently take block instead.

Level 4: Dream: Even with the nerf it doesn't take long for this to max out, and a hard bonus on all ability damage is hard to beat.

Level 7: Slime Advantage: Murky's damage potential is frequently underestimated, many people assume the puffer is the only thing to avoid. This changes that dramatically. Combined with the bubble, the close quarters harassment on squishies is golden, and the sustained damage on tanks and healers is powerful.

Level 10: Octograb: Take almost every time, unless your team is very clearly not going to gank, or if you feel like you can exploit the alleys on blackhearts bay (a good march there is murder)

Level 13: Wrath of Cod: This gets picked about 75% of the time. However if I am struggling with survivability or just alot of long chases, I might get the second bubble and rely on my team for the extra punch.

Level 16: Slimy Pufferfish: Pretty much the best option here, unless you're really desperate for extra sustain (which you shouldn't're murky). Also gives you a ranged 8 second slow.

Level 20: And a Shark Too!: There's debate all over between this one and rewind, and I generally lead with this. In team fights at the end of the game (which is what you'll be doing when you pick a lvl 20 skill), 3 seconds is a very long time for 2 puffers to go off. In that time I frequently see a trapped person get the benefit of a rescue from their support (lili, uther, etc). I've also seen the puffers burned down. Additionally you're now asking for 2 skillshots and a 4 button combo instead of 1 skillshot in a 2 button combo. While you may sacrifice damage, you've a much higher chance of damage and it comes much sooner. Additionally, when you are on a puffer cooldown, this at least gives you some punch if you are chasing.

And the Meat Top

I get value out of Murky in two distinct ways.

1. Low consequences relative to risks.

Push hard and don't worry too much about ganks.
Don't bribe your own mercs, dive in and bribe their giants...who cares if you get picked on the way out.
Draw out skillshots! You want jaina and kael to burn you--and you can make them do it. Climb all over them, get killed, then watch your team mop them up while they are on cooldowns.

2. Being an absolute time-suck to the enemy team

Play interceptor en route to objectives. If people are going to the curse, try and suck a few into a fight before they get there. You'll die, they'll be late, and your team will get the objective.

On a team push don't be the last person to leave the fight. Don't leave the fight! If you have 4 teammates retreating with low mana and health, you should die trying to buy them time. Slime, puffer, bubble, slime again. The pursuers can't ignore you.

High visibility--you want to be all over the map in ways the enemy team can see. Just as everyone moves to gank a squishy out of position, they will have to allocate resources to defend your split pushes and harassing moves, and time spent chasing murky is time wasted. Reward relative to effort is abysmal, and with a well placed egg you can be back earning exp on the other side of the map in no time.

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