Murky Ultimate Technique Guide (unfinished) by darkshark

Murky Ultimate Technique Guide (unfinished)

By: darkshark
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015
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Build: Kill Everyone

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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Butcher Murky counters the Butcher so incredibly well that it's laughable and very satisfying killing this guy over and over.
Johanna Murky will annihilate an early game Johanna. Once he gets octograb it enables your team to be able to burst her down without her being able to pop her shield. Great counter to Jo.
Illidan LOL GOODNIGHT ILLIDAN. Just kite him until he dies.
Muradin Avoid his stun and you can literally walk in a circle around him until he tries to run away or dies. I like to slime him until he jumps away, then run after him and octo combo for the kill.
Murky Don't waste your time on another Murky unless you have to (or you've found his egg) Actually, no, fuck that I take it back. Show this Murky who the true master Murky is. Put him in his place by dancing around him with slime.
Leoric Deny him his precious HP regen if he drains you by using bubble. Then just run in a circle around him laughing as you melt his HP. When he tries to Wraithwalk away just follow him, he's still slowed, he's not getting away. Just slime him to death.
Chen Why is there even a Chen in this match? He's bad. Tell him to uninstall. As with most tanks, get a buddy and octo combo him to death. Wait until he gets low(ish) health and starts to drink, then you can just solo him with octo combo.
Stitches So bad. Just run in a circle around him using slime and he dies.
Thrall Run in a circle and slime him, his windfury can't escape your wrath.
Tyrande Slime to death. Easy kill. She has no escapes.
Anub'arak Anub ONLY poses a threat when he has his swarm ultimate on. Otherwise feel free to wreck his face. You slow lasts long enough to catch back up to him if he burrows away.
Kerrigan Kerrigan is useless, just slime hit and run. Her pull is really easy to dodge.
Sgt. Hammer Just throw a pufferfish at her while she's sieged. She'll leave. If she doesn't, go make her leave. Your block will take enough hits to get in range for slime, anticipate shotgun blast and bubble through it. The second she pops her jets, octograb her, she's dead.
Rehgar Rehgar can't kill you. His heals are annoying. If you're in a teamfight heavy map, save your octo for when he tries to use his ult, then just burst him down. Your slow is enough to keep up with him while in wolf form.
Malfurion Malf does zero damage and can't even root you...BUT your octo grab DOES NOT shut his ult down, so try to grab him before he pops it. Prime target for rewind combo.
The Lost Vikings Super easy to just slime to death, and if all 3 get caught in a puffer then it's just funny. You can counter them fairly well by placing your egg in strategic locations, so when you die you can respwn and stop their lane soaks. DO NOT OCTOGRAB. It's a waste.
Jaina If she's bursting you, bubble, then get in her face and make her regret doing that.
Gazlowe One of the easiest heroes to kill. Just watch for his turrets. Gazlowe is usually overextended and has no escapes. Blow him up.
Raynor Raynor -can- be a problem but usually isn't. Just hit and run (hit and run is the best tactic, gives your block time to regenerate) until his passive HP regen triggers, then go ahead and octocombo him to death.
Diablo Diablo -can- be a harder takedown if he's aggressive, but usually aggressive Diablo's get into a lot of trouble in other areas, so I don't think you'll be seeing him around for very long anyway. Grab a friend and octo combo him after landing a few slimes on him.
Azmodan Azmo has a shit ton of HP, and normally is hard to take down UNLESS YOU JUST BODY BLOCK HIS FAT ASS. Seriously Azmodan is the easiest thing in the world to body block. Just block and slime him to death. Bubble if he lasers.
Li Li This little slut. She's so hard to chase. Easy to shut down in a teamfight though, so do that, all the time. Prime target for Rewind combo.
Brightwing The easiest healer to kill (aside from maybe Tyrande, but I don't even count her as a healer). If she times her polymorph right, she can shut down your bubble and get you killed, but that means she's using her polymorph on a murky and being terrible in teamfights. Prime target for rewind combo.
Nazeebo Feel free to annihilate Nazeebo. His zombies don't do anything to you (bubble) and neither does anything else really. Shut down his sprint with octo if he tries to run.
E.T.C. ETC can't kill you, but he's also pretty hard to kill. You can ignore him most of the time, really.
Falstad Eh. He's super squishy but can zone you out. Just land 2 slimes then octocombo, he's dead.
Zeratul I really don't know why people are afraid of zeratul when playing Murky. He can't do a lot to you and he's easy as hell to spot. The ONLY thing you really need to remember about Zeratul is that you HAVE to delay your octo grab by a half second if you want to octo combo him, so throw your puffer in front of him and wait a split second so he can't teleport out of it. (Octograb lasts slightly shorter than it takes your puffer to explode) If he attacks you just bubble, his bombs do nothing to you and Magetul is the meta right now.
Arthas Arthas isn't much of a threat, just hard to do damage to because of that stupid frost aura. Just hit and run sliming him.
Tassadar Tassadar himself isn't that hard to kill, it's just that he can spot your egg with his trait and usually one of his psionic storms will be enough to pop your egg. He's not a threat, burst him down before he gets a chance to throw a shield on himself.
Zagara Only the Hunter is a problem, once that thing is used up, rip Zagara to shreds
Tyrael Tyrael has surprising burst for a tank, and his shield is beefy. Easy to just kite around sliming though. Try to octo grab him before or as he throws his sword to teleport and you'll secure the kill.
Valla Valla is kind of the same as Sylvanas, but not as annoying. Wait until post level 10 to engage her directly.
Tychus Tychus can be tricky to lane with, but no worries, he shouldn't be able to kill you. Your bubble lasts almost as long as his Overkill does, so let overkill hit you until you're down to about 2/3 hp, then bubble, so that by the time Overkill runs out, you're back to full hp and back in his face.
Uther Uther is hard to kill and usually has Cleanse and his heals will save teammates from being killed by your puffers. Make sure to have a buddy with you and octocombo him down so you don't have to deal with his shit.
Kael'thas Kael Thas is USUALLY not a threat because you can bubble out of all of his attacks, but in the event he hits you with a powered flamestrike, you're going to bleed.
Abathur Anything with a hat can be dangerous since Murky needs to get in close, and Abathur's shields can negate an entire slimes worth of damage. Try to avoid engaging hats if possible.
Sylvanas Sylvanas can be very dangerous during early game. You can still lane with her if you play right, though
Sonya She hits like a truck. Hit and run her and you'll be fine. Make sure to dodge her Spear or you'll be in trouble.
Nova If Nova goes snipe damage build, be prepared to have your E key ready to fire at a split second's notice, because Nova can Snipe + auto attack you in one quick combo. Bubble is your best friend against her early game. You can annihilate her late game.
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About me. Top

I have over 600 Murky games played. I know what I'm doing.

You don't know how to play Murky. Yet. Top

People know how to build Murky, but few know how to truly play Murky. This guide will teach you about the tiny details that every other Murky guide has missed. Follow this guide and you will be able to 1v1 literally anyone, no problems. Hell, sometimes 2v1 isn't even a problem. (With an Abathur hat, feel free to try 3v1, you'll win, I'll go over how to correctly play Murkathur later)

Murky is a monster. Murky must be feared. Murky will kill you and there's nothing you can do about it.

This build focuses around a pretty standard pufferfish build. This guide isn't about the build, it's about how to use it so effectively that the enemy team will run away from you whenever they see you because they know they're about to die.

The talents, and why. Top

Block is essential to the fast hit-and-run Murky style gameplay you'll be using. There are no other choices here. Bubble breeze is useless don't you dare pick it.


Block negates tons of damage and is able to save your pufferfish from being focused down by using your body to cover it while laning. You NEED to have reduced damage against auto-attacks or this tactic won't work. More on that later. Not to mention some of the only Heroes that pose a threat to Murky are auto-attack based.

This is an AMAZING SKILL, even after the 5% nerf. Were you thinking about taking envenom for the extra burst? **** you. Do some math, you'll be hitting so so so much harder with a few stacks of Dream later on, it doesn't make envenom worth anything. Don't pick that. Living the dream gives you incredible burst potential.

But I thought this talent was for noobs who can't aim a regular pufferfish?? Pick Slime advantage duh!

You are so, so wrong.


The huge radius on this fish gives you an amazing ability to zone people out, or make an entire team suffer for ignoring it. You will find yourself auto-attacking so little with this playstyle that picking slime advantage would be a complete waste of a talent to begin with. A Murky trying to auto-attack things to death is a bad Murky.

Octo-Grab is one of the best ults in the game, why would you pick something as bad as March of the Murlocs?


Octo-Grab is the skill that will ensure your incredible bursts nail people, and shut down enemy ults, such as Lili or Valla. It's great for chasing, it's great for ganking, it's just ****ing great. March of the Murlocs is the worst skill ever. You might like to think it turns teamfights around, but you're wrong. Killing people turns teamfights around, having baby murlocs annoy people is not what turns teamfights around.

Ah, level 13. This talent makes you something to be feared. combined with a max stack living the dream you should easily be able to burst down any assassin. Nothing else in this tier is useful.


More damage. You're a suicide bomber, you need that.

One of my personal favorite talents. This has SO MUCH utility, far more than bubble rejuvenation.


You now have a ranged slime attack. Throw one at someone you're chasing, they won't get away. Throw one behind you at people chasing you, you'll get away. Throw one just for the stack of slime to heavily burst someone down. Use it to save your friends by slowing the entire angry mob that's chasing them. Lastly, use it like the monster fish you are and combo it with your octo-grab. Q W R to win.


Rewind is on a 60 second cooldown. You know what else is? The enemy spawn timer. Make sure they never have a healer again for the rest of the game.


6,000+ ****ing damage.

Tactics (The most important part) Top

Hit and run tactics are the absolute core of pre-level 16 Murky play, and so many other guides completely ignore this. Auto attack builds (anything using Slime Advantage ) are worthless. Hit and run will keep you alive and keep extreme pressure on the enemy.

Early Game Lane Tactics:

Murky is an absolute monster at wave clearing, and since all of his attacks are AoE, you can also damage the enemy laners while taking out waves.

Tactic #1: Puffer defense.
When a wave spawns and settles down in the middle of the lane, toss a puffer straight at the mage minion, then immediately slime while standing on top of your pufferfish. This GUARANTEES that no one can pop your pufferfish since only auto-attacks can pop them and in order for them to attack it, they have to click on the fish which is now completely covered by your body. And remember you took block as your level 1 talent? You can absorb those auto-attacks until your fish blows. If anyone is focusing your puffer you can shut them down using this. You can also shut down their attempt to pop by simply running straight at them and sliming them, they will generally forget about the puffer and target you instead. Run away after every slime, your health will regen, your block stacks will regen, and you can do it againJust always make sure to hit them with consecutive slimes before the last one wears off. Your first slime is a love tap, your second slime is a wrecking ball.

Tactic #2: Puffer zoning
If you're laning with melee attackers, you're in luck and can push down your wave and put some serious hurt on the enemy at the same time. Try to slime both the melee enemy and as many minions as you can and then run away, keep doing this as soon as slime is off cooldown. Once the enemy melee is at about half HP, you need to position yourself for a body block. Slime him once you're in position (he's going to try to go back and drink once he drops below half HP) and BODY BLOCK THE **** OUT OF HIM WHILE SLIMING. As he gets closer and closer to his gate, toss a puffer fish right in the center of his gate, so he has no choice but to either die from your slimes or if he manages to make it past you, he dies from the pufferfish. Get back to laning.

If you're laning against ranged heroes. Just keep playing puffer defense, you'll clear waves far faster than they can. Slime them when possible and chip down their HP. Get them to drink from the fountain as often as you can. Be aggressive in your hit and runs. Don't sit in a lane autoattacking with a ranged hero, you don't need to. Slime and puffers are crazy powerful.

Tactic #3: Chasing
Similar to #2, if you see yourself chasing someone down trying to get a kill, DO NOT AUTOATTACK WHILE CHASING. You slow yourself down and the person may be able to escape. Instead, body block! They're slowed for a long time with slime (8 seconds) which is more than enough time to get in front of them and block them while sliming (this is also why I don't feel the need to pick . Toss a pufferfish way in front of where that person was running to limit their choices of where they can go (especially after you get , you will make it very easy to secure kills by zoning out enemy path choices. This tactic also allows you to save your octograb for when it's really necessary.

Tactic #4: OctoGrab
This is the entire reason Murky is so good. Q W R combo. Once you reach level 10 you need to use this combo ONLY when you have a teammate near you to secure a kill until level 13, because it doesn't become powerful until then, and you won't be able to solo people as easily. After level 13, pick the squishiest enemy hero and KEEP TARGETING THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. They will develop a fear of you throughout the next few levels and avoid you like the plague, which comes in handy sometimes.

Use your Octocombo during teamfights to shut down healers. (Make sure your team knows to focus down the people who are octograbbed...I'm looking at you, quickmatch people *squinty eyes*). You won't be able to kill most healers with your solo octocombo between level 13 and 15, so revert to tactic #3 after the grab is over.

If you are trying to octocombo heroes that have teleport escapes (bolt or blink) or iceblock, then you need to delay your octograb at least a half second after the pufferfish lands. The reason is that your octograb lasts about a half second shorter than the timer on your pufferfish, which allows heroes like Zeratul to simply blink away without taking puffer damage (another reason increased pufferfish radius is so good, it gives you the ability to delay the grab in order to hit people like Zeratul and Brightwing with the puffer explosion).

Tactic #5: Teamfight Zoning.

Later in the game when teamfights are breaking out, throw your puffer at their ranged back line. This not only gets their backline out of position and essentially out of the fight for a few seconds, but it also has the possibility of pushing their backline toward the front to avoid the puffer damage AND gives the frontline no escape, or if they ignore it then they get nuked and you win the fight. There is no downside to this.

Tactic #6: Ranged slimes.

Level 16 brings about a whole new way to burst, chase, and escape. has incredible utility. Now you can use your puffer to slow a target who's running away in order to catch back up and start sliming/bodyblocking. You can use it as an escape by tossing it behind you at chasers (or save teammates, same idea). Most importantly you can use it to burst down massive amounts of HP with your octocombo since now you can fire off 3 slimes and a puffer (Slime, slime from pufferfish, slime again after octograb ends). Use your Q W R combo to solo pretty much any assassin now.

Tactic #7: Rewind combo. Fear the fish.

Congratulations on reaching level 20. You have won the game. This combo has the absolute highest burst damage in the game and it's damn near a 100% guaranteed kill on whoever you want. Turn on quickcast, get out your gaming keyboards and program this ****ing macro into your **** on a 46ms delay between presses. Q W 1 Q W R. Or at least get really good at pressing that combo fast. The enemy team now has a permanent 4 man team, because you can literally kill ANYONE you want to now including tanks. This combo does over 6,000 damage at max Dream stacks. Rush straight at the enemy healer and blow him the **** up, doesn't even matter if it's in a 5v1, you'll die, but they'll have a long *** death timer and you won't. They will almost never even ATTEMPT to pop your pufferfish to save their teammate because there are two fish now, they will just get out of the way and watch their teammate die.

The other utility to this (which I only use in very specific situations, is to instantly capture a bruiser camp. I use this when the enemy team has a few people dead already and it's an opportune time to grab the camp. You lose your ability to burst down tanks and healers for 60 seconds, so use this only when necessary.


Other Thoughts Top

Murky is not that hard to keep alive once you get good with him. Bubble builds are unnecessary. Once you get great at body blocking, the slime builds are useless as well. If you find yourself dying too much with this build, then you need to play smarter hit-and-runs. Running away after each slime or puffer ensures that you have near-full health the entire time, and still do massive damage to the enemy. Murky shouldn't just be some annoyance to the enemy team, he should be a solid team fighter and a valuable asset to the team, especially after level 20. He wins games by taking out key opponents, so don't just blow your rewind combo on just anyone. Take out their tank or healer and the rest will fall.

Murkathur Top


Playing exactly like this guide teaches when combined with an Abathur hat is truly frightening. In some cases you will be able to 3v1 (in quickmatch sometimes 4v1) and come out on top. It gives you unbelievable chase potential, and allows you to burst down all healers by level 10-13. You are able to hit and run yet still have ranged attacks while healing and waiting for cooldowns, giving constant damage + slows so no one can escape and the shield gives you the extra stamina you need to continue destroying teams.

Abathur on a Murky seems like it would be a bad idea at first, but if you take this guide seriously, it is probably THE most overpowered Abathur combo in the game. Abathur's hat and Murky's death timer are on par with each other, so you can literally just keep throwing yourself at the enemy team until they're all dead. This combination is the most unfair thing ever.

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