Murky, Zapp and Team-build by Mabno

Murky, Zapp and Team-build

By: Mabno
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015
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Build: Zapp and Team-build

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Introduction Top

Hi, I'm a nobody really, but I like to learn my characters well and I try out a LOT of builds and talents. This is a build I found out worked really well, plus it is a lot of fun to play, so I decided to share it with you guys. A small thanks to all the great players out there that have shared their knowledge with me and made me better :)

Conserning Murlocks Top

Murky is a really fun hero to play and a quite hard hero to play well. This are some thoughts of he's pros and cons:

On the plus side:
  • He's always active! Don't under estimate this, with hes 5 second downtime at death he will be back at your throat before you had time to say ggrrrlllak.
  • He's a good laner, just how good the enemy team will notice if they are careless enough to leave you alone in a lane.
  • Good map awareness, the use of the egg enables him to move fast, splitpush or return to the teamfight. It hurts a bit I admit, but it can be very well worth it if used correctly.
  • Good CC abilities.
  • And he hurts.
  • No fear of death, witch means sacrificing yourself for somone else or running headlong in to get that last gank won't be a problem.
  • Last on the line I want to add CONFUSION.
    Yes he is a troll hero and if you know your Murky it is quite likely the other team won't know how to deal with you. Shall they hit you? You'll return in instant. Shall they ignor you? Then you will really start to hurt. Go on a hunt after your egg and leave your team in an advantage as they do? And all of a sudden you are halfway across the map bringing down a fort instead.

On the downside:
  • The big one: You will die. In Quickmatches this one isn't a biggie... as everyone else will die too. But if you heroleague you will probably fead more then the others in your team.
  • Quite weak early game.
  • Low hp, witch can be a trouble against ranged DPS heroes. You simply won't get there in time to make an impact.
  • Moving your egg around takes time, which can be a bother with certain questobjectives, you will simply be a little late.

Gerneral tips to a Murky player Top

Being a good Murky is all about knowing when and where to make an impact. You are squeezy so you can't go headbutt against any other hero but if you find an opening in the enemy team you will quite fast turn it to your advantage. Keep an eye open for possibilitys to splitpush, but don't make that your primal goal. you will notice that you are actually really good in a teamfight.

Use your egg. I've seen far to many Murkys leaving their egg safe back home and then don't move it for the rest of the match. The egg is your mobility, and your life. If it is close to where you fight you will be much more effective. Also handy for splitpushing, put down your egg, go somewhere else and when you die you got a headstart at your new location.

About death. Your healthbar is worth 25% of the XP of an ordinary heroes death. So you must die 4 times in order for the other team to gain one death out of you. Witch leaves you an opening to spend your life a little more carelessly then others. However do NOT mistake this for a reason to go and mindlessly die all over the place. Die with care. Eg. Bodyblock. (your bubble is excellent for this). Use your slime to hinder the enemy team in a chase. Or take one for your team to save a buddy.

This build Top

This build I set up is all about teamfights. To help your team get that last edge on your opponents. There are a number of excellent builds for laning with Murky and I'm sure he does well that way too. But this my friends is FUN ;-) I've set it up on the points of mobility and CC.

Lvl 1

Since Murky is melee, and a squeezy one too, positioning is vital to an effective fight. This talent gives you what you need to deal with ranged DPS aswell as an excelent tool to chase or to get away.

Lvl 4

Here is a valid choice too. Envenom will give you an early edge and actually allow you to kill something in a stage where you are still quite weak. But Living the dream will make you stronger later in the game.

Lvl 7

This one will really boost your DPS, specially combined with our lvl 13 talent.

Lvl 10

A very strong CC, but it must be used with care as you are basicly helpless when chanaling it. And on top of that it does no dps and you need to be close to your target. That said, make sure you run with a buddy.

Lvl 13

More slime on more targets, that's about it. And as it both slows and makes you hit harder .. how can it be bad?

Lvl 16

This one gives you another chance to slow down and catch your enemy. And as this is a ganking build after all that is what you do :)

Lvl 20

This one finally makes your Octo-Grab usefull.

How to play it Top

Early game

Lvl 1-10
You usually lane alone as you will be fairly weak till you reach lvl 10. Try to just hold on and soak the XP up. If you notice that you can't hold the lane (eg. get matched up 1v1 with Valla, Thycus or Gaslow), try and switch with one of your team. If you got a Azmodan or Zagara in the opposite team it's a good idea to face them. Clearing out minions is where you excel :) (If you face of with Sgt. Hammer, just use your pufferfish to get her out of siegemode and when you hit lvl 4 use your bubble to get close and poison her.) Be careful to not waste your life too much. It can be tempting. Keep cool and soak, if you break something down its a bonus.

Mid game and late game

Lvl 10+
In this build it is quite the same you will only grow stronger. As soon as lvl 10 hits try and turn your focus away from your lane and towards your team. Go with them and try to find openings to lock down and kill heroes. Bodyblock, chase and slow and use your Octo-Grab when safe. Either to secure a kill or to just get a hero away from the teamfight long enough to give your team an edge. You can use your bubble to position yourself but remember that will mean its on CD. Keep an eye on the mercenarys, without your or you have a though time to take the camps yourself (small camps are possible after lvl 16, big camps with one death at that point), but your split-push will be very strong if you go with them. (Empty camps are also good hiding places.) With this build I would not recomend trying to push lanes without the support of mercs or heroes. As you are built for gank and teamfights you are simply of more use in the team.

Map tips:
  • Blackheart's Bay
      Early game: Go bot. Make sure to move in and help your team at the handin point as it's close, but don't pick up coins if you don't have to as you will loose them when you die.
      Late game: Start moving your egg, teamfight and if you see anyone take a camp try and push with it. It's a bad map for hiding eggs so keep that in mind and move it often.
  • Cursed Hollow
      Eartly game: Go top or bot. Move in for the tribute if it spawns close to you else just stay in your lane and soak. the time you will loose on replacing your egg at this point and the fact you are rather weak does not make it worth the run.
      Late game: Go with your team and move to the tributes when they pop. It's a good place to hide your egg at the bosses. Even if it get killed it will give your team a warning and the XP loss for an egg kill is much less after the latest patch.
  • Dragon Shire
      Any lane is viable. But as you are a good person to take the dragon, pushing mid ain't a bad idea. Play it after the opposite teams position.
  • Garden of Terror
      Any lane is viable. Go with your team when night falls and if faced with the opposing team, try and use the speed of your bubble to steal seeds. You are a good person to take the construct so try and TP back to base as soon as its up.
  • Haunted Mines
      Any lane is viable. Go into mine with your team, when you enter throw a pufferfish at the enemy minions and you will do quite a decent little push with very little effort, while hunting for skulls yourself.
  • Sky Temple
      Early game: Go bottom lane and stay bottom lane. It's a too big map to bother to move.
      Late Game: Start moving your egg and go with the team. Keep an eye on the camps and push with the mercenarys if you are able.
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen,
      Any lane is viable. Try to team up with another hero as you'r not that good at holding your gems. Hand in often.

The End Top

Thank you for reading threw my guide, I hope you found something useful in it. :)

Enjoy your Murkys!


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