Nam Yo Kharazim Go! Post Morales by Heisenberg

Nam Yo Kharazim Go! Post Morales

By: Heisenberg
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2015
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Build: Defensive Build

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Threats to Kharazim with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Falstad If Falstad goes stun on basic attack, u are in trouble.
Muradin stun keeps from divine palm.
Kerrigan Kerrigan another stun and grab hero who can ill quickly
Uther Another stun lock hero, this and jo, are ridiculous to contend with.
Johanna johanna's constant CC will keep you from divine palming, or healing, or anything for that matter.


Build: Offensive Build

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Build: Anti-Cloaker

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Build: Offensive Defense

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Intro Top

Welcome to the Kharazim guide to finding balance and zen. I'll be keeping this guide up to date as time goes on so stay tuned and check back frequently for updates. If you like this guide, your vote is greatly appreciated.

What an awesome new hero Kharazim is, thanks Blizzard for keeping things interesting. Kharazim is a support hero of defensive to offensive balance, and can tip the scales toward a win through his shades of healing or dps talents. The true challenge to mastering Kharazim is knowing what would best suit the overall situation, more dps, or more heals.

This truly flexible hero is kind of like a short range Rhegar/ Brightwing mix with with offensives and some very cool and useful talents/ULTs. Kharazim has a decent mobility 2 charge blink(non-heal) Radiant Dash, awesome anti-cloaking talents, and a good mitigation to CC with significant heal talents as well.

This guide will cover 3 builds, Defensive, Offensive, Anti-Cloaker. At each talent choice, let your wisdom and intuition guide your talent choices in determining what would work best. In other words, sometimes the best defence is a good offence. I highly recommend starting Kharazim play in heal stance, or defensive as it will teach you the basics, then go from there.

The true power to Kharazim is knowing the balance between too much defence and not enough offence.

You will need practice with Kharazim, especially with his ranges with both Radiant Dash and Breath of Heaven. I think the hardest part to him is knowing the ranges intuitively so you can dash around and heal competently. The cool thing about Kharazim is that he can dash to the front line, heal, then dash back in about 1.5 seconds, kind of feels a bit like Brightwing in that regard. You definitely don't want Kharazim on the frontline too long, as he can be squishy when you run out of temps. Always keep a charge of Radiant Dash on hand for escapes or for skip tracing.

Defensively Kharazim is definitely a competent healer, I've been in games where he beats rhegar on the heal parse. With the death save from Divine Palm he has some amazing burst capability, but you need to be very aware of who is getting focussed down to be effective with it. You may need to educate your team with regard to your heals, in that the range is quite small, and that if you choose Echo of Heaven, they will get 2 heals before spreading.

I don't think Kharazim is a great pure offensive burst dps, even at full spec. He is good single target, but not Jaina or Kael'thas, or even Falstad for that matter. He is more a support, who can go single target dps at talent junctures. Even though his Seven-Sided Strike is impressive, and useful, it still doesn't do as much dmg as a true burst aoe hero, so on your hero choices in HL, be aware.

If your team can get and stay a couple levels ahead early game, this gives you an advantage that can be exploited with more dps talent choices. By lvl 7 you will need to make the first decision as to where the offensive is.

Abilities Top

(Q) - Radiant Dash is like an instant teleport to either an enemy or ally hero, minion, merc, boss, golem, or pretty much anything but a structure. It's 2 charges and awesome! Radiant Dash is reminiscent of Blink Heal and gives some awesome quick mobility around a tussle.
(W) - Breath of Heaven
This is a heal, and a decent one too which can be scaled upward with talents. It's quite close range, so need to watch when u cast it.
(E) - Deadly Reach
Deadly reach increases your attack speed and range, this coupled with your trait can magnify it for a short burst. So if you are in heal spec, it will amplify your heals for instance.

(Trait) - Transcendence - Heal Spec
(Trait) - Iron Fists - Offensive Spec
(Trait) - Insight - Mana Spec

The Kit Top

Defensive Build

in green

Offensive Build

in red

Anti-Cloakers Build

in Purple

Defensive Counter-CC Build

In Teal

General Play style Top

Kharazim, while being a really good healer, requires the team to play as a professional unit on the group ups, no long straying away from the cluster. Having a front line, and a back line of range and dps that doesn't stand too far in back is ideal as it gives him somewhere to dash to for protection. If the team strays too far way from Kharazim, they will not get heals, and he will not be able to dash away. Both his punching heals and his short range heal are not long range so if you are the only healer, you need to reiterate this to your team if they are new.

Play style for Kharazim is different to all other support. If you are solo healing, you must be punching and healing to heal adequately. It's a good idea to activate, or rather "arm", your Deadly Reach prior to going into a fight so that it volleys straight after you Radiant Dash in - without delay. This holds true in both a Healer config, and a DPS build. When you Deadly Reach, you are still able to cast other abilities while the Deadly Reach timer is going on, however, your Deadly Reach timer will not pause.

A good keystroke set early game would be to
(E) Arm your Deadly Reach
(1) Protective Shield whomever is getting focused, (usually at the beginning, it is yourself), The great thing about protective shield is that its instant and you want it to be consumed before it goes away as it only lasts 5s. So put it on whomever will be using it.
(Q) Radiant Dash in to an enemy hero, releasing your (E) automatically.
*(E) Deadly Reach activates on whom you dashed to.
(Q) Radiant Dash for a quick bail out till your timers are back up.
(W) Breath of Heaven then start over.

In early game, you will get focussed down quite a lot. Later on when people start catching on to Kharazim, I reckon once you get your Divine Palm, you'll get focussed less, at least after they try killing you a few times and you don't end up dying. It's very discouraging for the enemy when this happens.

In later game when u get Echo of Heaven and Soothing Breeze
(1) Protective Shield your dps or tank, (you want it to get used up, so whomever is being beat on, use it on) This is % based, so 15% of your tank's health can be a lot of HP buff VS a dps, but use it where it is needed most.
(Q) Radiant Dash in to your tank,
(W) Breath of Heaven
(E) Deadly Reach a dps enemy
(Q) Radiant Dash back out to a low health friendly.
(W) Breath of Heaven again.

Use (R) Divine Palm where needed, cast it on someone getting focussed who is at 1/4 to 1/3 health. Make sure you aren't stunned and if so, keep casting. It's better to cast it on someone who didn't need it after all, then to cast it too late, so be mindful.

Probably the most important thing is that you get a Deadly Reach off somewhere in the middle of a tussle, as it will heal nicely. If all you are doing is Breath of Heaven, you won't have enough healing capacity so get those auto attacks in. If you have an E.T.C. on your team, stay near him and it will compound your healing even more with deadly reach.

Divine Palm is also another special timing ability. Make sure you cast it on someone who you are certain is going to die, right at about 1/3 health if you can manage. Any higher than 1/3 health, and you risk it not going off and saving them. If you cast it on yourself, be sure you are looking for an escape route the second it puts you into stasis to Radiant Dash out of. You have about 1 second to find a spot to dash to. It's a difficult one. And quite frankly, it is a very challenging thing to time right. Getting it off in the midst of a stun lock battle, forget it. Lately, I've been mixing things up and going pure heal build but with the offensive ult, Seven-Sided Strike as it puts Kharazim into invulnerability mode and helps the team get the burst they need to change the tide. If you notice that your enemy has a huge amount of CC, you'll be very lucky to get one off if you at all approach the front line, which you need to do in order to supplement heals. Also, since the Divine Palm ULT has a pre-emptive warning sound that lasts 3 seconds (the time you have to die when it is active), the enemy team can use this sound as a cue to pause the focus burn. It would be better if there was no sound at all.

LVL1 Trait Selection Top

Transcendence This is your heal stance, and can be enhanced with Deadly Reach talent. Enhancing deadly reach will enhance your healing. With a few tweaks to your heal stance you can push out more heals than lili.

Iron Fists This is your primary DPS stance, and it cuts through minions and mercs like a machine gun. But beware, you will miss Transcendence and won't be able to heal with your auto attacks.

Insight Mana stance, helps a bit in early game, but i haven't really found a use for it end game. End game, i rarely even go to base for a top up, and with Epiphany at lvl 20, you can recharge your mana end game anyways, so not sure where this could come in handy yet.

LVL4 Talents Top

Foresight this is very much like Brightwing Peekaboo!, only a smaller area and much quicker cool down. It reacts every time you hit your (Q) and can reveal quite effectively. It can definitely be worth having when a Zeratul is around, as it will keep him on his toes and keep him out of the battle area. Even Nova will stay away but the range on Foresight is just shy of where Novas, at least good Novas, hang out. Still, i've managed to catch out both Nova and Zeratul with this. Cloakers hate approaching a team that has a reveal around them, so this instantly puts clockers in an uncomfortable spot, definitely worth it.

Overtake This can be a bit tricky to use, gives you a speed boost with each basic attack while Deadly Reach is active, ideal for chasing down while Deadly Reach-ing. It is a tiny boost, but can make the difference between a kill and an escape and works well with some of the Deadly Reach talents later.

Healing Ward just like rheagar's and can definitely help with heals but if you have a Kael'thas, Nazeebo, Jaina, or any hero with a big aoe, the totem usually dies quickly, making it useless. Also, usually in high skill games, one hero is routinely focused down, either dps or heals, and this does nothing for those situations as it takes 10 seconds to do its work.

Protective Shield - can come in very handy on squishy DPS during focus downs, it's an on demand shield that lasts for 5s, perfect for mitigating whomever is getting focussed down. I've noticed though that it's usually the monk getting focussed since release...

LVL7 Talents Top

Echo of Heaven Helps big time in a healing spec, as it gives an automatic second blast of heals, which can also be used to mitigate roots, slows, silences, and blinds using Soothing Breeze. What's even better is that you can Radiant Dash in between the first and second echo. So if your team is split apart, heal one half, dash and heal another. Very handy and scales nicely with the later talents

Way of the Hundred Fists Fantastic DPS build talent, and cool sounding too. Every time you dash, it releases a quick machine gun sounding volley of blows that deals significant dmg. You can scale Kharazim up to become a punching munchkin later game through Blinding Speed and Epiphany.

Clairvoyance can come in handy for checking to see if boss is getting stolen, or other objectives. I rather not use this if it can all be helped but can see it's usefulness.

Cleanse can be awesome on an anti-cc healer build but since your Breath of Heaven can mitigate most CC, except for stuns, this can be overkill at times. I think in harder games, it can definitely come in handy when there is so much CC that it's impossible to do anything at all until you can mitigate it with Soothing Breeze talent at lvl 16.


Seven-Sided Strike is an awesome 7 hit blow that can effectively 7 shot a straggler lone enemy down to much over half their health, or can take the overall health of an enemy team down signifigantly to turn the tide of a fight. I've found it best to Radiant Dash into a cluster then cast this as it has a relatively small radius, whereby, if someone does move out of it, it will not harm them and will become stuck at 3 blows or so. It's so fast though, it's hard to avoid it in time if you do happen to be centre. One way to mitigate it as the enemy is if you are the tank, walk straight into it and your team won't suffer, that is in the midst of a team fight last least. It will take out a dps pretty quickly.

Divine Palm this can also really turn the tide of a fight around, and it can have a real psychological impact on your enemy after having spent ults on focusing down someone, you simply cast this and they come back to near full health. It does require crucial timing and gauging of how fast a friendly hero is being focused down. Once it is active, it puts the player in stasis, and then instantly heals them for usually 2/3rd of their health or even higher if it is a squishy hero. It requires a no-lag system to really work well and can easily be mitigated should someone stun lock you While your casting it. It's also very effective to immediately cast your Breath of Heaven right after Divine Palm to top off the victim's health. It can help to have Relentless or Cleanse with this ult. There have been numerous times I've cast it, hear it, and yet it still won't go off in time. This is usually due to lag, I imagine so take that into account and be a bit pre-emptive.

LVL 13 Talents Top

At lvl 13, it really can be a toss up depending on what is going on. Lately, I've been going more for either Quicksilver or Relentless, or Fists of Fury as most of the hard core teams use some form of lockdown CC, and if u don't have Relentless half the time u are too stunned to cast Divine Palm at all, let alone with finesse. So at this point ask yourself, have I noticed a lot of big stuns, or mosh pits? Is there a Johanna, Muradin, or any other combination of stun lock heroes on the enemy team? if so, go with Relentless coz a stunned healer is a useless one. If you are working less insane CC teams, go either Fists of Fury or Quicksilver. Fists of fury is awesome for taking down mercs and sieging, and if you can stay in long enough, it heals your team significantly more too.

Spell Shield You all know what this does, and it's great but a good Jaina or kt knows to poke first, then wait a few secs before hitting ULTs. Or hit the ULTs after a big CC, which will pretty much activate this. Still, it does save HP, even in the thick of it, so may be worth it.

Quicksilver will give speed to whomever you dash to, so long as they are friendly, which comes in handy on both escapes and chases. With Kharazim, you gotta know when to run. It's such a strange support roll because you have to get so up close as a a healer, then pray your ranged isn't too far to dash to, worst case scenario, dash to anyone then run.

Fists of Fury extends deadly reaches duration significantly. Lately though, in heal stance, I've noticed that deadly reach lasts long enough before I have to dash out anyhow. So I don't usually go with this talent unless i need for a dps build. It requires you to stay localised and isn't conducive to mobility. Still, it might become more useful in a DPS build, for longer volleys in conjunction with Overtake. I often notice my Deadly Reach timer still running before the little munchkin is even finished punching anyhow. With mercs, it is definitely useful because they stay still and u don't have the threat of being focused down as much, so as a merc steeler in a dps build, this could work really well.

LVL 16 Talents Top

Soothing Breeze is such a fantastic talent to enhance your Breath of Heaven with. It completely negates Sylvannas whailing-arrow, Arthas ults, and many of the others too. It really is a tossup here. If your team is up against any major slowing or root CC heroes like Falstad, Jaina, Johanna, even Leoric with his swing, then it would be wise to choose this talent in order to release your team from the clutches of the slows, roots, or blinds/silences. Lately, I've been choosing this over circle-of-life in most cases where there is any cc. And in any HL games below rank 30, there is going to be major CC.

circle-of-life Can really scale up your heals dramatically if you hit it while in the centre of a group. I will end up taking this about 35% of the time if we are getting blasted but not slowed. You really need to gauge what kind of beast you are dealing with here, either your team needs extra heals cause they lack mobility, or because they need more heals. Figure out which one then choose accordingly.

Blinding Speed is an awesome DPS build talent to have because it gives you an extra charge of Radiant Dash, or even if you are needing to spot Zeratul often with a Foresight build. It combines very well with forsight, and/or way-of-the-hunderd-fists and your team will love you if it keeps Zeratul away.

Blazing Fists I can see where this would be useful, particularly on dps build, i don't much have trouble though with the cool down on my Deadly Reach. It's up often enough but i could definitely see where it could come in handy, even in a heal-hybrid stance, this could work as a more damaging form of heals via your reach ability.

LVL 20 Talents Top

Transgression Adds another 4 hits to your Seven-Sided Strike Definitely a viable choice if you specced this. People can move out of range of this though, so if you find that you are low on CC, or this isn't hitting for its full 7 strikes to begin with, you might wish to choose something else. If you can get it to proc the distance, say during a Mosh Pit, then perfect, definitely worth having the extra 4 strikes.

Peaceful Repose is very useful with your diving-palm ult. If you cast Divine Palm and it doesn't go off, it will reset itself in 5secs. It will keep resetting until it goes off, which is handy as it can be tricky to make it go off. If you are just starting with Kharazim go with this to get the hang of your palm ult. With this talent, you can be a bit freer with casting it pre-emptively, and not worry that it won't go off. I usually choose this in a defensive stance, especially if we are at all near or behind the enemy in lvl. If you are way ahead in lvl, you will hardly be using your Divine Palm anyhow, so take this when you need it.

Storm Shield Very useful, storm shield is awesome to have in end game brawls, where one bad outcome can result in a core loss, I think this is very useful, especially if the other side is heavy on aoe.

Epiphany is like a rewind, but only for your Radiant Dash and mana. It is fantastic in a DPS build, Foresight build, or even as an emergency escape/mana top up while core assaulting a lesser team. When you feel confident that you haven't had to use your Divine Palm much, go with this or Storm Shield.

Changelog Top

8-21-15 Initial Contruction publishing, check back soon.
8-22-15 added kits and anti-cc build, changed def build with quicksilver, started talents
8-23-15 Added play style and more talents.
8-24-15 Finished base
8-25-15 Changed Quicksilver to relentless to mitigate cc.
8-26-15 Corrected some typos.
8-27-15 added lvl 13 talent options.8-30-15 updated threats for defensive build
9-20-15 Touchups Rexxar build
10-9-15 Morales Patch updates

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