"Do You Require the Help of a Wizard?"- A General Guide to Li-Ming by SuperKamiGuru

"Do You Require the Help of a Wizard?"- A General Guide to Li-Ming

By: SuperKamiGuru
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2016
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About Guru Top

Hey everyone! So this is my first time making a guide, but I have played over 600 games and I feel like I know a bit about the game at this point. As I have been seeing a lack of guides for Li Ming (granted she did just come out a day ago at the time of writing) I wanted to put this guide out there with what I feel works the best in most situations for her. I'll try and keep the guide up to date as time goes on, but don't expect too much from me. In any case let's move on to the guide.

Introduction Top

So as you may or may not know, Li-Ming is a ranged assassin who has LOADS of potential. Her passive trait, Critical Mass,refreshes all of her abilities whenever Li-Ming contributes to the death of an enemy Hero. In late game team fights, this becomes a major advantage allowing you overwhelm your opponents (assuming of course, your team can take down your opponents). As it stands, the majority of her abilities such as Magic Missiles and Arcane Orb have a long range to them, allowing Li-Ming to safely sit behind the front line and dish out a ton of damage. In addition, it allows you to poke at enemy towers and forts while still remaining outside of their range. Her E, Teleport, is a short distance blink ability that give her some maneuverability should things get hairy. This will be paramount as Li-Ming is rather squishy, and assassins will make short work of her if they do manage to get their hands on you.

Remember, Li-Ming's Q and E are both skill shots, so making sure to land them will be the key to using her properly!

Level 1 Top

At this tier, I highly suggest taking Astral Presence. While below half mana, it practically doubles your mana regen rate, allowing you stay on the battlefield for a much longer period of time before having to fall back.

Other Talents: Force Armor has the potential to be useful against teams that focus more on abilities than on auto-attacks, so if you're up against such a team this may be worth considering.

Level 4 Top

Here I recommend taking Dominance. Every time you contribute to taking down an enemy Hero you be healed for a quarter of your health. While this isn't as strong early game, it becomes much more useful mid to late game when team fights start occurring more often. This may be essential later on as well if you take Glass Cannon as you will have 15% less maximum health.

Other Talents: Ess of Johan or Triumvirate can be useful as well, though they are in my opinion, not as potent as Dominance.

Level 7 Top

Seeker is the talent you should be taking here. While it might not seem like much, the extra damage that it offers can be substantial when you consider that Magic Missiles is only on a three second cool down allowing you to use it often.

Other Talents: Zei's Vengeance, again, has potential though I don't recommend it with this build. If you are going for a build focused on Arcane Orb however, this would be the one to take.

Level 10 Top

This tier largely comes down to the enemy's comp. If they have a lot of CC heroes such as ETC, Malfurion, or KT, then you'll want to take Wave of Force since it will give your team some room to breath and is useful while attempting to escape. Otherwise, I suggest taking Disintegrate. Its long range and substantial damage output is great as it too is on a short cool down, only twenty seconds! Combine this with Critical Mass, and you'll be having a field day in no time.

Level 13 Top

At this tier, I suggest taking Glass Cannon. As it states, Glass Cannon increases your ability power by 15%, making sure that those spells of yours hit even harder. Be careful though, as you will now have 15% less health making you even squishier!

Other Talents: Illusionist is another good talent as this tier. If you find yourself as the constant target of the enemy team, and a need a better way to escape, then give this a try as it increases the range of Teleport by 50%. In addition to this, Illusionist will automatically reset if you take 15% or more damage in a single hit. Be careful with this though, it can only happen once every 4 seconds!

Level 16 Top

Here we will be taking Mirrorball. If you followed this guide and took both Seeker and Glass Cannon earlier on, then your Magic Missles will dealing some serious damage! Remember though to place your skill shots well! If an opponent is on the run or just moving a lot in general, try and lead the target and put them right in the cross section of your missiles.

Other Talents: If you still are having a hard time staying alive, Diamond Skin may be what you need. With this, when ever you cast Teleport you'll gain a shield for 25% of your max health, for 4 seconds.

Level 20 Top

Depending on what you took at level 10, in addition to how team fights are playing out, I would recomend taking Archon: Pure Power. When activated it takes you into the Wizard's Archon form, allowing you cast Disintegrate non-stop. With Glass Cannon, this can make for some HUGE amounts of damage. Be careful though! While you can still move you will be unable to use your other abilities, so know when it is time to drop out. To cancel Archon form, just tap 1 again where it will begin a 10 second cool down.

If your team is having trouble disengaging from your enemy, or if you wish to spread your opponents out, try taking Repulsion as it greatly increases the range and Knockback of Wave of Force.

Conclusion Top

That's it for this guide! Feel free to leave your comments or questions in the discussion session. Thanks for reading!

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