"Our Allies Need Healing" by skadoo23

"Our Allies Need Healing"

By: skadoo23
Last Updated: Aug 18, 2015
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Build: Support Healing-Transcendence

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Talents Top

Tier 1

Transcendence This trait is amazing, it helps keep your allies up early game and when utilized properly can keep you from going oom too quickly. Don't be afraid to punch a wall to keep your team up!

Tier 2

Healing Ward This talent is beneficial because it uses absolutely no mana and it's a great aoe heal for team fights. This helps a lot early game as well as late because mana is quite the commodity if you play aggressive. If you need more mobility I recommend taking Overtake because it will scale well with Fist of Fury late game.

Tier 3

Echo of Heaven I absolutely love this talent. Having an additional heal from breath of heaven keeps a steady flow of healing coming in for your team, if you time it right you can have constant healing for your allies between your basic attack healing and breath of heaven+pulse from echo.

Tier 4

Seven Sided Strike I honestly didn't think this heroic was that good for healing until I got in a game with the monk, you can easily drop their entire team down to wreckable limits while accumulating a lot of basic attack healing.

Tier 5

Fist of Fury This talent extends your attack/range buff by 1 second, which increases your healing output from basic attacks and if you choose to take Overtake as a tier 2 talent it will extend your movement speed increase as well.

Tier 6

Circle of Life This is an amazing choice for this tier. It can quickly turn the tides of a team battle because it's potentially a 40% healing increase for your main heal. This is especially good for maps like Battlefield of Eternity where your team is bunched up.

Tier 7

Storm Shield This is another no mana talent choice giving you a nice edge in team fights or for those hail mary attacks on the core. Anything to conserve mana or allow you to use it else where is a win in my book.

Combo's and Tips Top

Dashing Strike Heal
Transcendence + Radiant Dash + Deadly Reach
This makes for a quick heal because you will get approximately 3-4 heals from your trait with this combo.

Radiant Strike Heal
Radiant Dash + Breath of Heaven
You can quickly heal up an injured team mate and once you get Echo of Heaven you can use Radiant Dash to spend your echo on another ally.

Use your Radiant Dash with your auto attacks to know when to use Deadly Reach. This can be the difference between a kill and just pushing the enemy back, not to mention minimizing the number of heals you get if used too soon. If you time it right you can get the kill and keep you and your allies up without having to give chase.

You can use Radiant Dash on minions, as well as heroes, so use this to your advantage when you need to escape.

Play conservatively with the monk, while he is incredibly mobile as a support healer he is not a tank by any means so don't be afraid to dash out of combat and live to fight another day!

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