Space Murloc Fighting by fdwsch

Space Murloc Fighting

By: fdwsch
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2015
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Build: Burst damage build

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Introduction Top


I like to write things for myself to improve my game, so I figured I would write it as a guide here so that other people could use it and talk strategy.

First I'll lay down all the possible builds then I have to figure out when they are best suited.

General tips Top

Throwing a Pufferfish on enemy creeps while roaming to do an objective helps you stack Bribe (tier 1 spell) and gain experience from that lane while not wasting any time killing the wave. Just throw the fish and move away, the kills will count even if you are far away.

Slime (Q) deals more damage to enemies already affected by the slime. Some people don't notice this.

Egg positioning: You usually don't need to move your egg unless an objective is happening, in which case I like to put it really forward, enemies usually won't notice and even if they do there should be a team fighting going on to stop them. Remember to reposition it back before the fight ends.

Burst Damage build Top

This build focuses on dealing as much damage as possible, or incapacitating one important target, such as their healer or badly positioned enemy.

Tier 1 is subject to change based on their line up, bubble breeze works like blink to help on your positioning. Block could be useful against Nova, Raynor, Valla, but as we're focusing them down, I would only choose this if the enemies had another one of the above heroes along with the one you'll be bursting down.

Tier 2

We have 2 choices here. Going the poison way, or the ability power way. Check the wiki to see the damage numbers.

But basically, at level 20:

Poison deals 910 damage
The whole combo with 20% extra AP will deal 408 extra damage (fish, slime and shark damage)
fish: 830
fish +20%: 996 (166)
fish +20%, +35% 1344 (348)
ult +20%: 360 (60)

I'll update this session once I have more time spent experimenting those 2 builds. But the conclusion I have so far is that poison is better if they don't have a way to shield or heal the guy being bursted down by the poison.

Tier 3 and 5

I haven't experimented masteries that rely on increasing my damage after the burst damage combo. Tier 3 and 5 would be where you play around to do so, but I haven't came to a conclusion so I'm sticking to the build.

Tier 6

I wouldn't choose anything other than this on this build. Even if you are doing after combo damage, this seems like the most straight forward mastery to learn.

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