Truly Effective Kharazim Build by JHockaday

Truly Effective Kharazim Build

By: JHockaday
Last Updated: Aug 18, 2016
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Build: Complete Self Sustain / Burst Heal

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Threats to Kharazim with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Nazeebo You can no longer Dash out of his zombie wall. You can however beat on the zombies to reduce your cooldowns.
Johanna Its all about the blinds here. Have to play around that, which is why typically you take healing ward at 4. Something to suppliment while your blind is on CD.
Nova Nova/Zeratul can be an issue, and you have to modify the build around stealth. So at 4 take the reveal on your dash, and dash often. At 16 take the remove slows/stuns/roots on your breath of heaven..renders both of them semi helpless.
  No Threat
Li Li Lili is actually a tough matchup for Khara. She can blind you, rendering your strikes ineffective, heal herself, and typically run faster than you. Approach with caution.
  No Threat
Xul His root combined with Shade is deadly for Kharazim on any build. Make sure you dive to an ally before the root takes hold.
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Build: Anti Stealth

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Level 20

Kharazim is under appreciated Top

He brings a lot to the table for any team. With this build and its modifications, you can help your allies in every fight and never go back for mana. Alright, let me break down the whats and whys

Level 1 - Insight Top


Insight Might be the most undervalued talent in the game. It does take some time to grind out 100 stacks of insight, but I usually hit 100 stacks to take full advantage of the trait somewhere between levels 7-9. That in no way means that you are gimping yourself before you max it out, you'll simply notice the shine of this build after you do. On the contrary, being able to stay in team fights due to having zero mana issues, and sustain your tank and dps, makes you one of the most indispensable members of the team. You might ask, "but I take the healing trait, isn't that better as a support?" Well... no. It isn't. The amount you heal from your trait is meaningful over a long fight, but it in no way compares to the healing output from combining 4 second cooldowns on Breath of Heaven with Echo of Heaven and Circle of Life. Further more, being able to stay in fights and maintain your Deadly Reach means your damage output will be considerable. Dont need to break down the other two traits as you shouldn't be picking them.

Level 4 - Healing Ward Top

Healing Ward

Level 4 offers a lot of utility, and all of the choices could come in to play based on your team comp/enemy comp. Typically Healing Ward shines the brightest, but here is the breakdown

Foresight - Only if the enemy team has stealth, and EVERY TIME the enemy team has stealth. That low cooldown reveal completely ravishes Nova/ Zeratul, leaving them exposed.

Overtake Isn't bad, theoretically it lets you chase and possibly get a last hit to finish someone off. Thats fine, but with radiant dash and your low cooldowns, you shouldn't need to dive that hard. Typically if you are chasing that hard, any team with any type of communication will gank you. Dont buy in to the hype of this pick, it's situational at best and leads to questionable decision making late game. The only way i'd consider it is if the enemy team had, say Lunara/Lili, two people that can slow me AND run faster than me. Even then I may pass.

Protective Shield - Eh. Ehhh. IF you have a cho'gall.. maybe. But throwing a 15% total hp shield on a Li Ming or Gul'Dan is borderline useless. So situational, very poor talent choice unless you've got a lot of beef and the enemy team has serious burst. I would use Pyroblast as an example of something it could mitigate, but KT isn't going to target your tank with it, and it wont help your squish.

And so thats why we go with Healing Ward - Johanna is popular right now, and her Blind does cause you problems, but with HW you take care of that. As soon as she blinds you, back out (no sense in taking unnecessary dmg!) and throw healing ward down. The meta right now is a tank and at least one bruiser, so the 20% health gained from this adds a sneaky amount of healing to your end game numbers. Its like a mini Tranquility. I typically like to drop it after the initial engage, once you've seen where the fight will take place, you can dash to your back line, drop it in range of your tank, then dash back in and get to work.

All in all, while this tier does offer some utility, Healing Ward offers the most bang for your buck except in a few distinct circumstances.

Level 7 - The Crux, part 1 Top

Alright, fantastic, we're level 7 now, and we should have Insight maxed out or very close. Here we pick up the first talent that really pushes us in to the upper echelon of healers in HOTS.

Let me quickly destroy the other talents in this tier

Way of the Hundred Fists - They aren't auto attacks, and so they don't lower your cooldowns, and by the time the dmg is meaningful you'll be high enough level to keep deadly reach up 100% of the time. Not necessary at all for this build.

Clairvoyance If there is stealth, you took the reveal on dash. What, once they're revealed.. you wanna reveal them even more? Waste of a talent, dont fall in to this trap.

Cleanse Ugh - 1 sec? SUUUUPPPERRR Situational and by that I mean you should almost never take this. You'll use it once, maybe twice a game and barely notice a difference... not when compared to what you get with...

Echo of Heaven - Yo dawg I heard you like heals.... So i put some more heals in your heals!! Seriously, one of the best talents in the game, even after it had been nerfed. To think this used to be a full 100% heal?! Man, those were the days. Essentially, thats what this build brings back. You no longer get the full 100% double heal with this talent, but you lower your cooldowns so quickly that its virtually always cycling. It combo's so well with what you'll take at 16 because its a base percentage of the total heal. Always, Always take this talent.

Ultimate Top

Divine Palm - Where do I even begin to describe how infuriating this ult is. When used effectively, it swings a fight in your favor. When used, effectively. "But its like a Reh'gar Ult, its so good!". Yes, you're correct, its like a Reh'gar Ult.. if you had to time it perfectly, and the enemy team couldn't just.... walk away... and make the heal not happen. Also, its heal isn't that impressive for the amount of micro managing of health bars you have to do. I'd say, on avg, a great Kharazim misplays Divine Palm at least 2 times a game. Meaning his ult did nothing. The most powerful tool in your arsenal is now on a 60 second cooldown, because you weren't able to watch all 5 players health bars at the same time.

Granted... it does swing a fight from time to time. But it just simply is not as good as

Seven-Sided Strike

Let me explain how great this ult is.

You hit any enemy caught inside for 7% of their life, 7 times in a row. Let me break out my abacus to deduce that... yes indeed that means 49% of that Cho'Gall/Diablo/Stitches/Thrall/Leoric/ETC/Johanna's life is just, just gone.

Now, it does have a few downsides. If the enemy team is clumped, it will spread the dmg equally. To adjust for that, pick your target carefully, and make them pay for diving you or your team mates and being out of position. If you see someone pushing a lane, out of position, sneak up, dash to them, and lay them DOWN. You simply can not be 1 v 1'd by any melee in this game once you take this Ult.

It can also be used as defense. You see Jaina about to Ring of Frost you, or E.T.C. getting in position for a mosh? Use your ult as a means to escape the calamity. Then dash to a team mate and heal up.

Did i mention that, the garden terror and the dragon knight count as heroic units? That means that, much like Tychus' new trait, youre taking 50% of the big bad objective on that map in 2 seconds. At level 20 that jumps to 77%!! Name any other ult in the game that can say the same... I'll wait.

Level 13 - You're so close you can taste it Top

Quicksilver - If it was just a stock 30% movespeed after dashing, its pick rate would be much higher. Its one of those "I win more" talents. Sure, everyone can envision a situation where dashing to a team mate and running faster than zagara or away from a butcher slowing you would be really useful, but it rarely happens where you need this to stay alive. Besides, if the butcher jumps in, let him brand you, then use your ult and then dash away. He cant handle you at all.

Spell Shield - Great pick if there are stealth. Both of Nova's ults are nerfed significantly with this talent, and zeratul's bomb wont hurt so much. I would only take this if you're catching Li-Ming orbs of galactic death in the face all the time, or if the enemy team has a Nova, because she WILL target you.

Relentless - Just an underwhelming talent. I'd like to be whelmed by my talents, and whelmed by a fair amount. This just isn't specatular and only really helps you once, maybe twice a team fight. If roots are really an issue take the root/slow/stun/silence removal at 16.

Fists of Fury - Ahh, you smell that? Breathe in all the winds of heaven mixed with the dust of your pulverized opponents after you take this talent. Lets do the math here, let me break back out the abacus. The trait you took reduces cooldowns on auto attack. Your E ability makes you auto attack really.. really quickly. Now this talent lets you maintain your fast auto attacks?? This is typically a must take talent, once you get this, you'll be seeing 3-4 second cooldowns on your heal, and have deadly reach up 100% of the time. Wanna take a camp solo?? Go for it. Wanna solo fight the entire enemy team? Nah, they'll destroy you, but you get the point. Deadly Reach > Breath of Heaven > Rinse > Repeat > Make sure youre in range of as many team mates as possible when you heal.

Level 16 - The Crux, part DEUX Top

Circle of Life Ahhh you finally made it. Now, your healing numbers will go through the roof. If you have any other melee besides yourself and the tank, expect to break 100k healing, easy. If there are three of you in the initial heal, not only will the initial heal be 30% stronger, the Echo of Heaven Will be 30% stronger as well. The synergy here is unmatched.

[[Soothing Breeze] - Is an awesome talent. If the enemy team has a Jaina/Nova/Sylvanus/malfurian/thrall/xul, this may be a talent you'd want instead. It has potential if used correctly to save your entire team from a wipe.

Blinding Speed - Not necessary, your cooldowns are already super low. Just dont make poor diving decisions. Use it typically to escape, not to initiate or chase (unless the oppositions death is guaranteed)

Blazing Fists - This one is fun. If you dont have a bunch of melee on your team, or have found it hard to get the most out of your circle of heaven, you might consider this talent. Its simply another "I win more" talent. Lets face it, if the enemy is just standing there and letting you beat on them with Deadly reach, you're probably going to win that fight, so the extra cooldown just isn't necessary. Definitely not as useful as the first two talents in the tier.

Level 20 - Even Death Fears You Top

This is pretty straight forward, you already have one of the most devastating and utilitarian ult's in the game, and this makes it better. I'll explain why the rest of this tier is trash in comparison.

Peaceful Repose So let me get this straight, you'll give me an entirely frustrating ult to use at 10, then at level 20 youre going to tell me "hey man, you're probably going to miss this **** A LOT so here, we'll reset the cooldown so you can misuse this trash one more time" **** you Peaceful Repose

Storm Shield - Trash. See Level 4 above and protective shield. OOOOOoooo this time I get 5 % more shield but for 2 seconds less. Only good against blizzard and chain bomb, dmg you know is coming to the entire immediate area.

Epiphany - You dont need mana, you don't need cooldown reduction. This HAS to be one of the lowest picked talents in the game. I suppose if you went 100% dmg it would be fantastic. But that isn't the monks role. If you wanna play vs the AI, have at it. This talent isn't for competitive play.

Transgression - This talent will have you licking your chops, sitting in front of your monitor whispering "come on.. just a little closer... please over step... puuhh-leeease overstep. And then they do, and you've got'm. Try to coordinate with someone who can root or stun the enemy team. Even a slow makes your ult so devastating.

Wait until after the garden terror has used its speed burst and is taking a fort to unleash 77% of its total life in dmg in 3 seconds. Man it feels so good.


Well, I hope you found this guide informative. Try the build and its variation and let me know what you think. My healing numbers skyrocket past those accumulated using Transcendence.

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