Tyrande, Master of Utility [Gul Dan Patch] by Lukas

Tyrande, Master of Utility [Gul Dan Patch]

By: Lukas
Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016
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Build: Dual Support

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Overview Top

I a causal player in the high diamond leagues. I've been playing Tyrande since Beta and have seen her role change many times. After the Lt Morales patch, she gained the capability to solo support. Now with the nerf to Battle Momentum where it doesn't affect ultimates and Shadowstalk's increased cool down I prefer to play her as a double support. After the change in ranking system to Bronze through Grandmaster I am sitting at 71% win rate with Tyrande (28-11).

When to Play Tyrande Top

1. Sky Temple [Great]
2. Infernal Shrines [Good]
3. Battlefield Of Eternity [Good]
4. Towers of Doom [Good]
5. Cursed Hollow [Good]
6. Dragon Shire [Ok]
7. Garden of Terror [Ok]
8. Blackheart's Bay [Not Recommended]

Talents Top

Ranger's Mark [situational] - This was always my pick at level 1 before the Lt Morales patch. The cool down reduction on Hunter's Mark has been nerfed from 8 seconds to 6. Marking a target with your team together will melt just about any hero including tanks. The CD reduction is nice but having mana is more important. I only take this on Battlefield of Eternity in order to increase our DPS on the immortal. Additionally, there are only 2 lanes so its easier to hearth and get mana without giving up soak.
Celestial Attunement [good] - Tyrande is mana hungry and this goes a long way towards mitigating that problem. If you are the only support, this is mandatory. If I am a double support, I take this on every map except Battlefield of Eternity. This is your most spammed skill and translates into 50% more heals and/or more mana for stuns and owls.
Empower [Not Recommended] - I find this talent unnecessary. I usually hit at least 1 target with my owl but 50% of the time it is my 1st skill used. So about 50% of the time all my skills are up and this doesn't give me any utility. 25% of the time I miss and it does nothing. With Battle Momentum and available at 7, it is just too important reduce your mana costs with Celestial Attunement.
seasoned-marksman [Not Recommended] - I never take this. It take way to long to max it out and my Auto Attacks are used to harass. I never take anybody on without Lunar Flare Hunter's Mark and Sentinel ready to go. Thats where my main damage comes from. I will lose if I straight AA people, and this doesn't really change that. It's more important to have mana to support your team. I setup kills, not solo people.
Pierce [Good] - This is super useful for 3 reasons. It will allows me to go right through that pesky hero trying run interference while the enemy is channeling an objective. It about doubles my damage output from owls. Finally, it increases my ability to gain vision over the entire map.
Focused Attack [Not Recommended] - You will see this as a theme, but if I am going to play an Auto Attack hero I do not play Tyrande.
Protective Shield [Not Recommended] - This will enable you to add to your burst heal. However 15% of max health is not much even on a tank. It's cool down is rather high too. I have had a low amount success with this when trying to save a teammate. I find it much more useful to throw on the tank as they are imitating. I prefer Healing Ward in order to benefit the entire team if I am a solo healer.

Healing Ward [Ok] - While the ward is easily killed, it can provide great benefits to your team. Unlike Protective Shield, it grants HP regen. The shield is only useful during a fight while Healing Ward is useful all the time. This can be very useful in big fight when your team disengages for a few seconds. I only take this as a solo healer.
Searing Arrows [Not Recommended] - Again I don't rely on my Auto Attacks for most of my damage. This will increase your ability to dish out damage from autos at the expense of mana. Tyrande out of mana is just about worthless.
Quickening Blessing [Not Recommended] - I do not choose this talent very often, but that does not mean it is bad. It is just outclassed by other Level 7 talents. This will give you or your teammate the ability to catch fleeing heroes or assist in your own escapes. I find this to be my last choice in this level.
Lunar Blaze [ok] - Want to reach out and touch somebody? Take this talent. It gives you standoff range witch increases your survivability. I consider this when solo healing because keeping my health up will be critical with Overflowing Light at level 13 and this is a good way to get stuns in while not getting melted. Chasing enemy heroes is exponentially easier with the added range too.
Battle Momentum [good] - Your long cool downs and reliance on your abilities make this talent a must in most situations. It will increase your utility in healing, vision, CC and damage. The only danger is if you do not manage mana wisely. However, if you took Celestial Attunement at level 1 you should have no problem. Remember, this no longer affects ultimate abilities.
Calldown: MULE [Situational] -People tend to under estimate this talent. I always take mule on Sky Temple. The objectives push the towers automatically and there isn't a lot of time for pushing unless you get a few kills. If you protect your forts from damage from mercy and minions, this means you can trade towers equally with the enemy team and come out with a big advantage. This can psychologically affect the enemy too because they are worried about not getting anything to show for a tower capture. Do Not die with mule up. That thing needs to be on the ground every 60 seconds.
Shadowstalk [Situational] - This got big nerfs. It's CD is 50% higher and the healing is lower. I only take this as a solo healer. Even then I still consider Starfall because of how strong it is.
Starfall [Great] - This was the go to ultimate until the Lt Morales patch. Then it was taken 5% of the time because of how OP Shadowstalk was. Now I take this 100% of the time as double support. It massively increases my damages and CC. IT IS THE BEST AREA DAMGE DAMAGE OVER TIME ULT in the game. It is better than Kael'thas Pheonix and Raynor Hyperion It does consistent damages to all enemies inside while slowing them. It is great on maps where the enemy is forced to fight over an objective. It is less useful on maps like Blackheart's Bay and Garden Terror where the enemy doesn't have to group at a specific place.

Overflowing Light [situaltional] - Now you can reach your full healing potential as the solo healer. This provide a massive boost to your ability to keep teammates alive. As long as you are not being focused, this has to be your choice at level 13. If you are struggling to keep your your health up, then consider Shrink Ray as way to be able to support your team better. The other talents don't really help out your team.
Huntress' Fury [Not Recommended] - Not unless you want to auto attack people to win. If that's the case why did you not take Raynor, Valla or Lunara??
Sprint [bad] - If you need this, it might be time to examine your positional play style. Don't go solo a lane while your team is doing an objective. Don't over extend while in the middle of a fight. STAY with your team and this shouldn't be necessary. That being said, you have limited escape options and if that freaking Thrall keeps chasing you down you might need this talent.
Shrink Ray [Best] - You can never go wrong with 50% slow and 50% damage reduction for 4 seconds. You what is also 4 seconds long? Hunter's Mark. This adds to ability to set up enemies to get bursted by your team and helps with heavy melee enemies who are destroying your other support or your Li Ming
Tureshot-Aura [good] - This is the epitome of Tyrande. Make everyone around your better. If you have 2 auto attack assassin on your team, this will pay huge dividends. I take this talent for both healing and DPS builds. The other talents can be fun, but this provides the biggest benefit to your team.
Mark of Mending [bad] - A 2.5% percent heal for 4 seconds is not that much. Trueshot Aura will benefit your team no matter what hero they are attacking. I don't see much reason to take this as your healing output is already high. As a solo healer, I would rather take [Storm-shield]] if my team needs more healing.
Ranger [good] - Combined with Pierce at level 4, this is what I take. It drastically increases the change of hitting multiple enemies and increases the damage to. It really adds to your ability to harness before a fight. Also there is nothing better than smoking someone from across the map.
Shooting Star [ok] - The only reason to take this is if you are building Tyrande as a burst damage hero. Other heroes excel at that role better and you are wasting a truly unique talent like Trueshot Aura or Ranger
Hunter's Swiftness [ok] - This provides mobility to your team, but doesn't increase damage or healing. It has been nerved from 40% to 30% so I no longer take it much
Celestial Wrath [Great] - Ok guys. If you took Starfall at level 10 you might think it is a good idea to take this at level 20. Let me set the record straight. It is a great idea. This helps you turn the tide of a fight or scare your opponents off. It also allows your positioning to be better because you don't have to get in the middle of the fight to pop it. I take this 80% of the time. If I am behind and my team needs more burst survivability I will take Storm Shield.
Nexus Frenzy [Bad] - Much better if you were someone like Raynor or Valla. Get the Idea?
Storm Shield [good] - As the solo support, this is great for your big team fights. It has a short CD and can give Shadowstalk time to work. If the enemy team is bursting your team down with stuns, this can give your allies enough time to disengage and get back in the fight. As double support I am winning when we get to level 20 I do not take this. If I am behind, I take maybe 50% of the time.
Rewind [Great] - People who learn to use this effectively will be hard to stop. Any hero with a stun and Rewind is dangerous. It is the hardest talent to use out of this group but can have great effects. Double owl with Ranger can do over 2000 damage. I prefer Celestial Wrath because its the easy button, but this a great choice too.

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